Master-Planning in Lebanon: Manufacturing Landscapes of Inequality

How is urban planning practiced in Lebanon? What is the motive behind issuing master plans? And in what way do these plans violate fundamental rights?

We tried during the years 2017 and 2018 to answer these questions, through our research project at Public Works Studio, in partnership with the Legal Agenda, under the title “Urbanism and Law: Master-planning in Lebanon and its Impact on People and Places“.

To gain a comprehensive understanding, we explored the existing legal framework governing urban planning practices. We then conducted a critical analysis of land-use maps (master plans) across 15 cities and towns, spanning the entire country from north to south. These locations included Zgharta, Mina, Chekka, Hsoun, Kousba, Barbara, Zouk Mikael, Dbayeh, Damour, Debbiyeh, Baaqline, Adloun, Abbassieh, Nabatieh, and Qana.
The culmination of our research is a publication titled “Planning in Lebanon: Manufacturing Landscapes of Inequality.” This publication features in-depth analyses, informative maps, and interviews. We are re-publishing selected articles from this publication electronically within this dossier.