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The “Housing Monitor”, a program within “Public Works Studio”, urges city dwellers to report eviction threats and the violation of their housing rights, and then devises response pathways that range between establishing a legal path for each case, alerting the general public and the stakeholders, as well as collective solidarity.

With the aim of establishing the right to housing, the Monitor documents reported housing threats and issues studies that indicate to the scale and magnitude of the housing crisis and the growing need for justice in housing policies – while maintaining the strict confidentiality of information obtained and without disclosing the identity of the informants.

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We would like to clarify that…

The “Housing Monitor” focuses on tackling emergency alerts pertinent to protecting city dwellers from eviction threats and housing violations that require legal intervention, structural assessments and community support through local relations and direct actions with the aim of advancing housing rights. Thus, the Observatory’s programs do not include financial aid or the provision of alternative housing. Our legal intervention includes consultation, negotiation, mediation and representation in court. It also includes drafting legal documents and related complaints to defend your right to housing. In addition to its role in supporting residents and upholding their rights, and in light of the lack of official data, the Housing Monitor analyzes the alerts it receives and publishes periodic reports (while securing the anonymity of callers and preserving their privacy) documenting violations of housing rights and showing the urgent need for a radical change towards promoting the right to housing.

In our efforts to reach more people threatened with their housing, we are developing legal memos that give advice for defending housing. We urge you to review them: