Law Commentaries

The 2024 budget:

Rewarding property owners and speculators

This article discusses the 2024 budget in Lebanon, emphasizing the lack of substantial changes to rebuild the collapsing economy. The budget focuses on providing legal cover for state expenses without addressing existing policies, …

Lebanon Roads and Employment Project: Tinkering with the Roads, as a Way to Tinker with the Economy

A draft law related to consent on a loan agreement to be signed with the European Investment Bank worth 151 million Euros to contribute to the financing of the "Roads and Employment Project in Lebanon"

Referred by the Lebanese government and approved by parliament in the parliamentary session held on Thursday, December 14th, 2023.

Public Transportation: The State Borrows Money without Implementing

Issued in the Official Gazette on 9/7/2019.

From Dalieh in 1995 Until Today: A New Extension of the Hotel Exemption Law

Proposing a law aiming at “Extending the application of Law No. 264 (extending the work of the law related to exempting hotels from some provisions of the Building Law).”

The law proposal was submitted on 20/3/2023, and has not yet been referred to parliamentary committees.

Once Again, the Lebanese Forces MPs Propose Privatization as a Solution to the Lebanese Crisis

A draft law proposing the creation of an independent institution responsible for managing state assets.

The law draft was submitted on 13/2/2023, and has not yet been referred to any parliamentary committee yet.

A Proposed Law Acting as a Final Blow Towards Destroying What Remains of People’s Interests and the Urban Fabric

A draft law proposing the liberalization of non-residential old rent leases

The committees (the Committee of Administration and Justice on 5/7/2022 and the Committee of Finance and Budget on 21/7/2022) have completed studying the proposal for a Rent Law for non-residential units, and it is expected to be included, as amended by the Committee of Administration and Justice, on the agenda of any of the upcoming general legislative commission’s sessions.

“Strong Lebanon” MPs: Proposing a Law Which Excludes Relatives from the Provisions of Freezing the Sale of Real Estate Properties does not Threaten the “Sectarian Identity” of the Areas Affected by the August 4 Port Explosion 

Proposing an accelerated law aimed at amending the second paragraph of Article 3 of Law No. 194 (Protecting the areas impacted by the explosion in the port of Beirut and supporting their reconstruction).

It was presented to the Parliament session on February 20-21, 2022

Azm Movement Proposes Approving a New Loan from the World Bank to Modernize the Lebanese Land System

A request for approval to conclude a loan agreement between the Republic of Lebanon and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to execute the land system modernization project.

It was placed on the agenda of the 21-22/4/2020 session, but it was withdrawn by the government following the International Bank’s retraction of the loan due to the emerging circumstances.

إعفاءً جزئياً من فواتير الكهرباء للمتضررين من معمل الذوق

MP Farid El-Khazen Proposes a Partial Exemption from Electricity Bills for Those Affected by the Zouk Power Plant

Proposing an accelerated law that aims at exempting the residents of Jounieh city and the towns of Zouk Mosbeh, Zouk Mikael, Ain El Rehana, Aintura and Jeita from a percentage of the electricity consumption bill.

It was included in the agenda of the parliamentary sessions 30/09/2020 and 21/12/2020 and has not been studied yet.

The “Murr Floor” Project Returns: The Government Provides no Solution to the Housing Crisis and Increases Speculation on Land Prices

A proposal to amend Article 66 of Law No. 144 (Budget Law).

It has been included in the agenda of the Parliament on 07/12/2021.

Local Members of Parliament Are Proposing a Parcellation Draft Law Which Sacrifices Agricultural Lands in Hermel and Younine

Proposing an accelerated law on the consolidation and parcellation of El Hermel and Younine cadastral zones in the Baalbek-El Hermel governorate.

The committee found that the proposed law requires further study and inspection, and thus decided to postpone its decision about it and to request the concerned administrative entities to provide some observations that are related to application of the proposal, in case of its approval.

The Future and Resistance blocs facilitate construction in rural regions without addressing housing needs

Proposing the law of exemption of some building permits from fees according to prototypical designs.

It was referred to the Administration and Justice, Finance and Budget, and Public Works Committees on 10/6/2020.