“Those who cannot pay for a gallon of gas, let them use a different means of transportation.”

Since the end of the civil war, the dominant class has collaborated with the private sector to destroy many sectors at the expense of public interest. In the context of public transport, the …

The Lebanese Forces Revive a Highway Project Which Threatens Residents and Destroys Forests

Proposing a law that aims at executing expropriations related to the highway (Khalde - Dbayeh - Al-Okaibeh) and its connections.

It was referred to the Finance and Budget and Public Works Committees, but has not been studied to date.

On the European Corporates’ Vision of the Beirut Port Reconstruction:

Proposed Priorities versus People's Priorities

Even when a solution brought by private companies might seem like a source of hope for the neighborhoods destroyed by the Beirut Port explosion, it only proposes a replica of the reconstruction catastrophe …

A Dam Is Built in ‘Paradise’

The article shows how, despite warnings of earthquakes, leaks, and the destruction of an ecosystem, Lebanon is building a 300-foot-high hydroelectric project in one of the Middle East’s most biodiverse regions. Read the …

Public Conversation: Managing the Landscape and Natural Resources

Public Works Studio organized a discussion session and knowledge-sharing event focusing on natural resource management, transparency in projects’ implementation, and the potential for public participation in related decision-making processes. Habib Batah, a journalist …