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Public Works Studio hosted a seminar titled “Environmental Genocide in Palestine and Southern Lebanon”

Public Works Studio organized a seminar titled “Environmental Genocide in Palestine and Southern Lebanon,” featuring the participation of the Minister of Environment, Nasser Yassin, Professor of Sociology at AUB, Sari Hanafi, and researcher …

Tear Down the Wall! Stop the Genocide in Gaza Now!

Housing Justice Network Statement on Palestine

Today we launch the Housing Justice Network in the MENA Region with a public denunciation of the atrocities committed by the state of Israel in Gaza and the wider region. As local housing …

Our Position on COP28

This statement marks the launch of the Network for Spatial and Environmental Justice (NSEJ), a newly formed network of individuals and organizations committed to exploring the intersection of urbanization, the environment, and climate …

Save Kojak-Jaber Building in Ramlet Al-Bayda, Where the Thinker Hussein Mroueh Resided:

An Open letter to the Ministry of Culture and Beirut Municipality

The Kojak-Jaber building, a symbol of modern architecture in Ramlet Al-Bayda, and home to one of the region’s most prominent philosophers and thinkers, is facing the threat of demolition. Since it is our …

The Eviction of Syrian Refugees: 

A Violation of the Right to the City, Housing, Movement and to choosing the Place of Residence

The sight of children swimming in the pool in downtown Beirut has not been unusual in recent weeks, as an organized media campaign to promote racism and hatred against Syrian refugees had considered …

How Do I Secure my Rights as a Tenant When My Dwelling Is Rehabilitated by a Renovating Company or Association?

Lease Agreement Issued by the Right to Housing Legal Task Force

Lease AgreementReceipt for Rent PaymentsList of the itemsComplaint Due to the large number of violation reports received by the Housing Monitor, particularly those related to the absence of written leases, we initially encouraged …

Registration of Verbal Lease Contracts at Beirut’s Municipality:

A Letter Presented to the Governor by Public Works Studio

Read in Arabic here.

Public Gardens in Beirut:

A Right the State Deprives People From

A petition to pressure the state to open public gardens in Beirut to the public, after closing them during the lockdown.

How Do We Defend our Rights as Tenants Under the Current Rental Law?

Online Platform Empowers Residents to Report and Mobilise Against Housing Injustices in Beirut

Public Works Studio is thrilled to announce that its housing rights project, the Housing Monitor, has today – Thursday 16 December 2021 – been named a Gold Award Winner in this year’s World Habitat Awards. The Awards are organised by World Habitat in partnership with UN-Habitat.

“Zero Eviction”

For the Protection of the Inhabitants of the Neighborhoods Affected by the 4th of August Explosion, and the Guarantee of Their Return

After the explosion of the port, residents of the affected neighborhoods in particular, have been absent from many issues related to their lives and livelihoods. They are absent from the discussion about the …