Legitimate Housing or the Right to Dwell?:

Pubilc Housing and their Informal Transformations in Saida and Tripoli

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Migrant Workers and Refugees Are Facing a Dilemma as the Specter of Eviction Hovers in an Economic Crisis Threatening the Right to Housing

Rent is a primary way to access housing in the Lebanese cities which house diverse social classes. The percentage of tenants in Beirut reaches 49.5% of its total population. According to a survey …

Homelessness in the Wake of the Disaster

Housing conditions in the neighborhoods affected by the Aug.4 2020 Beirut blast

The Aug. 4, 2020, Beirut port blast killed 217 people, injured 7,000 others, and displaced some 300,000 people, causing widespread devastation and leaving no less than 1,120 buildings in need for renovation, notably in the neighborhoods closest to the blast site. To date, it is estimated that only 30% of the residents of Beirut’s affected neighborhoods have actually returned to their homes.

Discrimination, Segregation and the Right to Adequate Housing:

Report to General Assembly and to the Human Rights Council 2021

Public Works Studio (Lebanon) submitted a special report on “DISCRIMINATION, SEGREGATION AND THE RIGHT TO ADEQUATE HOUSING” to the General Assembly and to the Human Rights Council 2021, in answer to the the …

Think Housing: Affordable Schemes Towards an Inclusive Beirut

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How did Official Authorities Tackle the Housing Crisis Caused by the Beirut Port Explosion?

Hours after the port explosion devastated Beirut, the governor, Judge Marwan Abboud, appeared tearfully on television, declaring that about 300,000 people had become homeless in the Lebanese capital. With this news, individuals, organizations, …

Home Loans Exacerbate Inequality

A Report on the Defaulters’ Complaints to the Housing Monitor on Home Loans in Light of the Financial Crisis

Since the 1990s, the state has ignored the urgent need for a policy that addresses the multifaceted housing crisis. Instead, the state has adopted a unilateral approach of offering loans for home ownership. …

Lebanon’s International Obligations on the Right to Housing:

between Text and Implementation

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Is the Law of Suspending Debt Installments Sufficient in Light of the Economic and Covid-19 crises?

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Housing Priority in Light of the Coronavirus – What are the Measures Taken Globally?

The housing crisis in Lebanon is not novel, and measures to combat the Coronavirus pandemic did not create it. This crisis has always been evident in the incredibly escalating prices of real estate …

Has Rent Fees Been Suspended?

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