Urban Struggles in the Arab Region (Videos)

Exchanging Experiences and Methodologies

Public Works Studio, in collaboration with Professor Heba Bou Akar from Columbia University, organized a series of online seminars focusing on experiences, frameworks, and methodologies for addressing the challenges of urban realities in …

Defending Housing Against Displacement Policies

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Discussion in Jal El Dib’s Public Square

The development and organization of the Lebanese coast has often been associated with the construction and real estate industry. In the northern part of El Meten district, projects such as LINORD and Waterfront …

حلقة نقاش في ساحة كفررمان

لطالما ارتبطت الرؤية الوطنية للتنمية الاقتصادية في لبنان ارتباطاً وثيقاً بقطاع البناء والريع العقاري. كيف أدّى ذلك الى تدمير سُبل العيش وإفقار المناطق وتهميشها؟ وكيف تجسد هذا النمط الاقتصادي في خطط تنظيم الأراضي …

Buildings are empty. People are Still Being Evicted. We Voted for Laws Protecting the Right to Housing.

The Story of Sanaa and Living in Mar Mikhael

I am a secondary school teacher and have been teaching for 42 years. My salary now, when I go to retirement, is $2,000. I can’t get a loan or make ends meet. What …

Apartments are Empty. Loans Stopped. We voted for Laws That Guarantee the Right to Housing.

Beirut is My City and I Have the Right to Stay Here

Housing conditions in Beirut today are a result of multiple factors: growing land speculation and a process of financialization; lack of building, planning and land regulations that preserve social and urban fabric; state …

Demonstrations Demanding the President of the Republic to Reject Amendments to the Rent Law without Guarantees and Housing Alternatives