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Mar 2022 - May 2023

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Lease related Taxes:

amendments after the collapse A Summary of the amendments to the taxes due on lease contracts

This legal memo offers a quick overview of the amendments to the fees and taxes to which rental contracts are subject, following the outbreak of the economic crisis and subsequent collapse of the …

Collective evictions: The most prominent pattern in the Housing Monitor Report

Periodic Report | June - December 2023

This report covers cases received by the “Housing Monitor” from June to December 2023, documenting 345 cases, reaching a peak in August (143 cases). The majority of these cases originated from Syrian refugees …

Syrians’ Housing Conditions in Lebanon at the Intersection of Power, Securitization, and Legal Vulnerability

Monitoring and case studies between June 2022 and October 2023

During the past year, the number of political statements asserting that the armed conflict in Syria has ended has increased, calling for Syrian refugees to submit to the “voluntary return” plan proposed by …

Violation of the Right to Housing in Lebanon: Tripoli as a Case Study

Periodic Report | June - August 2022

Read in Arabic here.

The “Monitoring, Reporting, Confronting Injustice on Housing and Land Rights in Lebanon” Project

In 2023, Public Works will expand the scope of the Housing Monitor activities, as part of a project entitled “Monitoring, Reporting, Confronting Injustice on Housing and Land Rights in Lebanon” funded by The …

Understanding Housing Transformations Amid Recent Events

This periodic report documents cases received by the “Housing Monitor” from January 2022 to May 2023. It emphasizes the correlation between recent escalating events and the number of monitored cases, totaling 563 reports, …

How Do I Secure my Rights as a Tenant When My Dwelling Is Rehabilitated by a Renovating Company or Association?

The Plight of Housing in Lebanon

Annual report submitted to the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing

In light of the Lebanese state’s inability to fulfill its minimum obligations, a central dilemma arises related to its ability to formulate an effective national strategy to ensure respect for the right to adequate housing, especially in the absence of data and statistics. In this context, and through this report, Public Works Studio seeks to provide an adequate and comprehensive picture of the prevailing situation and the extent to which Lebanon violates the right to housing. 

Legitimate Housing or the Right to Dwell?:

Pubilc Housing and their Informal Transformations in Saida and Tripoli

Read the Arabic article here.

Lease Agreement Issued by the Right to Housing Legal Task Force

Lease AgreementReceipt for Rent PaymentsList of the itemsComplaint Due to the large number of violation reports received by the Housing Monitor, particularly those related to the absence of written leases, we initially encouraged …

Deteriorating Housing and Threats to Lives, Exacerbating Violations of Housing Rights in Lebanon

September-November 2022

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Registration of Verbal Lease Contracts at Beirut’s Municipality:

A Letter Presented to the Governor by Public Works Studio

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