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MP Tony Frangieh and Saydat al-Najat Monastery are Partners in an Environmental Massacre

Uprooting 3500 Olive Trees in Bsarma to Establish an Industrial City

Lands owned by the Saydat al-Najat Maronite monastery in Bsarma (North Lebanon) are hosting an environmental massacre. News of the uprooting of 3500 olive trees on an area of 160,000 square meters has …

The Eviction of 300+ Syrian Residents from the Agha Building in Ras El-Nabeh

Last September, 300 Syrian residents, many of whom were children, faced forced eviction from the Agha Building in Ras El-Nabeh in Beirut due to complaints about their involvement in littering and the deterioration …

Proliferation of Water Wells at the Expense of Groundwater Resources

A joint commentary between Public Works and SEAC - the Agricultural movement in Lebanon

MP Ahmad Al-Kheir proposed a draft law in September 2023 aiming to extend the submission of applications for the regularization of unlicensed private water wells. The proposal is based on the “Water Law” …

The Decisions of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities:

Controlling the Refugees’ Lives and Housing Situation

The Lebanese Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, sent a letter to local authorities on May 2, 2023 in order to initiate a national survey campaign aimed at enumerating and registering …

No to Imposing Fees or Restrictions on Access to Horsh Beirut

In 2019, the Lebanese parliament passed a law submitted by deputy Fouad Makhzoumi establishing “The Protection of Horsh Beirut”. What is this law and what are its reprecussions? This law brings us back …

Ramlet Al-Bayda’s Kojak-Jaber Building Faces Demolition

The Kojak-Jaber building, a symbol of modern architecture in Ramlet El Bayda, and home to one of the region’s most prominent philosophers and thinkers, is facing the threat of demolition. Designed by Victor …

Saving AnNaqoura: The last witness of how the Lebanese coast once was

Located in the region liberated from the Israeli occupation, private property lot number 92, had witnessed the illegal bulldozing and destruction of the neighboring marine ecosystem.  The pressure to stop works on Property …

Aley Stairs: What is Not Allowed Even For the Municipality

After activists have started mobilizing against the demolition of the “Public Heritage Stairs” of Aley, we write this commentary to show how a section of these stairs fall on private property. The stairs’ …

The Wazzani River Incident:

An Example of the Arbitrary Actions of the Authority in Dealing with the Public Domain.

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UNHCR cuts the support:

Syrian Refugees' Housing under threat

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On the Agenda of the Higher Council of Urban Planning

Subdividing Forestry Land in Ihmij for the Benefit of Investors.

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Unrwa Threatens the Housing Rights of Refugees, in Light of Delays in the Nahr El-Bared Reconstruction Works

In a dangerous precedent as Al-Nashra website announced it, the UNRWA filed a lawsuit, accusing unknown individuals of “attacking its offices during a protest organized by the inhabitants of “Al-Baraksat” neighborhood, against the …