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Does Lebanon need a rent control policy?

Rent control is a policy frequently criticised and misunderstood by both liberals and conservatives alike. The term “rent control” often sparks concern, particularly among proponents of a capitalist economy rooted in a free …

What Discussion on Climate Justice Under Occupation?

The Destruction of the Palestinian Environment

For over 75 years, since the occupation of Palestine began, the Israeli apartheid regime has systematically engaged in ethnic cleansing. It has pursued a deliberate policy of settler colonialism and forced displacement of …

How Urbanization is an issue of climate Justice

The fight against climate change often centers on shifting to renewable energy sources and reducing carbon pollution—two needed actions which cannot be worthwhile unless we reconsider the whole way in which we are …

نحو قانون شامل للحق في السكن

غالباً ما تتردّد إشكالات السكن والإسكان في الخطاب العام اللبنانيّ منذ فترة الاستقلال على الأقل. لكنّها ازدادت حضوراً في العقود القليلة الماضية، بفعل مضاربات السوق التي تعمل في سياق يفتقر تماماً إلى سياسات …

 الأحياء غير الرسمية: من هنا تبدأ المدينة العادلة

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 كيف تكون ضرائب الأرض والملكية في لبنان عادلة؟

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The Collapse of the Rishani Building in Chouaifat Exposes the Failures of the Owner, Municipality, and the General Directorate for Urban Planning

Just about a week after the complete collapse of a building in Sahra Chouaifat, another tragedy struck on Monday, February 19, 2024. The Rishani building in the Ain neighbourhood of Chouaifat collapsed on …

Genocide and Media:

Killing Journalism and Distorting the Narrative

Since the start of the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza in October 7, 2023, the media has been a tool used by the occupation to obscure and distort the truth in order to …

Collapse in al-Meselmani building in al-‘Hayy al-Gharbi:

10 families were displaced

Part of the Al-Meselmani building, in Al-’Hayy al-Gharbi extending between Chatila Camp and the Sports Stadium, collapsed on Saturday morning. As a result, ten families who had lived in the building for about …

Collective evictions: The most prominent pattern in the Housing Monitor Report

Periodic Report | June - December 2023

This report covers cases received by the “Housing Monitor” from June to December 2023, documenting 345 cases, reaching a peak in August (143 cases). The majority of these cases originated from Syrian refugees …

Sahra Chouaifat Building Collapse:

The threat of buildings constructed between 1990 and 2005

Yesterday, a 5-storey building collapsed in Sahra Choueifat. As a result, about 13 families and a number of shops were displaced, all of which survived by chance. The collapse was also followed by …

The Earthquake that wasn’t:

What if the 50s earthquake had hit Lebanon last year?

A year has passed since the earthquake that struck southeastern Turkey and northern Syria, while its waves reverberated as far as Macedonia, Greece, Lebanon and Palestine. In Lebanon, the state dealt with the …