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Master-Planning in Lebanon: Manufacturing Landscapes of Inequality

How is urban planning practiced in Lebanon? What is the motive behind issuing master plans? And in what way do these plans violate fundamental rights? We tried during the years 2017 and 2018 …


During the past decade, many researchers have studied the relationship between geography and law in an attempt to clarify the links between these two increasingly complex concepts. In reality, comparing law and the …

Interview with Engineer Rabih Taksh

Member of Nabatieh El Tahta Municipality for 28 Years and Director of "Jihad al-Bina" in South Lebanon after the 2006 War

The interview with Engineer Rabih Taksh was conducted by Public Works Studio as part of the project “Planning in Lebanon: Manufacturing Landscapes of Inequality” (2017-2018). It explores the transformation of land use in …

Interview with Engineer Mohammad Fawwaz

Ex-director of the General Directorate of Urban Planning (1973-1993)

The interview with Engineer Mohammad Fawwaz was conducted by Public Works Studio as part of the project “Planning in Lebanon: Manufacturing Landscapes of Inequality” (2017-2018). It explores the history of urban planning practice …

The right to housing in the National Social Protection Strategy for Lebanon

On February 13, 2024, Lebanon’s Cabinet approved the first national social protection strategy, aiming to replace the fragmented, privilege-based system with one based on rights and comprehensive reform. Prime Minister Najib Mikati launched …

Bourj Hammoud: media incitement, the municipality’s statement, and residents’ testimonies

Around two months ago, a video went viral showing a group of Lebanese men on motorcycles announcing a “warning deadline” to Syrians to vacate Bourj Hammoud via loudspeakers, causing widespread concern on social …

In KfarAbida: Raghida Dergham takes over public property through the policies of the higher Council of Urban Planning

Last Sunday, June 9, 2024, residents and activists in the town of KfarAbida gathered in front of the villa of journalist Raghida Dergham, to denounce the building violations she is committing, and to …

The creation of Jabal Mohsen Neighborhood:

On Sectarianism as a factor in Urban Production

A law draft was proposed, establishing the Jabal Mohsen neighborhood in the city of Tripoli. This proposal contends that creating such a neighborhood reflects the social and geographical reality in tripoli, in a …

The Government’s Collusion with the Violating Cement Companies:

Towards Further Depletion of Natural Resources

In its latest decision No. 36 issued on May 28, 2024, the government granted cement companies an “exceptional” one-year extension to continue extracting raw materials from their quarries. This decision, which came at …

Informal neighborhoods: This is where the just city begins

Part 2: Local and International approaches

In the first part of this article, we presented an overview of the emergence and growth of informal settlements in Lebanon and countries of the Global South, and we addressed the ongoing debates …

3 War-related Law drafts vs Recovery Needs

Despite the escalation of Israeli attacks since the beginning of 2024, the Lebanese legislative landscape has witnessed a dearth of initiatives aimed at addressing the repercussions of the aggression and supporting the affected …

Young men raided the Beirut Horsh and the municipality rewards them

In April 2024, a group of young men from Tariq Al-Jadida raided Horsh Beirut to apprehend youths accused of drug use and trafficking by entering the Horsh through gaps in its fence, following …