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Actions Towards Right to Housing

Lease related Taxes:

amendments after the collapse A Summary of the amendments to the taxes due on lease contracts

This legal memo offers a quick overview of the amendments to the fees and taxes to which rental contracts are subject, following the outbreak of the economic crisis and subsequent collapse of the …

How Do I Secure my Rights as a Tenant When My Dwelling Is Rehabilitated by a Renovating Company or Association?

Lease Agreement Issued by the Right to Housing Legal Task Force

Lease AgreementReceipt for Rent PaymentsList of the itemsComplaint Due to the large number of violation reports received by the Housing Monitor, particularly those related to the absence of written leases, we initially encouraged …

Registration of Verbal Lease Contracts at Beirut’s Municipality:

A Letter Presented to the Governor by Public Works Studio

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How Do We Defend our Rights as Tenants Under the Current Rental Law?

After the Port’s Explosion, What Are My Rights As a Tenant in the Damaged Buildings?

If I Am Threatened With Eviction, What Are My Rights?

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Defending Housing Against Displacement Policies

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Can Property Owners Force Rent Payments in Dollars or Market Rate?

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Buildings are empty. People are Still Being Evicted. We Voted for Laws Protecting the Right to Housing.

The Story of Sanaa and Living in Mar Mikhael

I am a secondary school teacher and have been teaching for 42 years. My salary now, when I go to retirement, is $2,000. I can’t get a loan or make ends meet. What …

Apartments are Empty. Loans Stopped. We voted for Laws That Guarantee the Right to Housing.