public state property

Land belongs to those who cultivate it:

The rights holders of in Shabriha

How does urban planning deal with informal areas? This question is a pressing issue for the future of Tyre and Abbassiyeh areas, where camps and informal gatherings constitute an essential component of the …

The secondhand market in Tripoli: 

The municipality 'cleans' the city of its poor

Starting Saturday June 29, and over several consecutive days, the secondhand market in Tripoli witnessed a full removal process, as part of the campaign to remove public property violations in Tripoli. This removal …

Master-Planning in Lebanon: Manufacturing Landscapes of Inequality

How is urban planning practiced in Lebanon? What is the motive behind issuing master plans? And in what way do these plans violate fundamental rights? We tried during the years 2017 and 2018 …

The Threat of Privatizing Public Lands Becoming Reality

The draft law was submitted on 21/03/2024, and referred to the government and the joint committees for the Committee of Administration and Justice, and the Committee of Finance, and Budget on 3/04/2024. The committees are reviewing it, but no meetings have been held yet to discuss it.

Mobilisations during the October 17 Uprising to reclaim seafront public properties

Over the past decades, environmental issues and access to natural resources stood out as major components of the broader landscape of social mobilisation in Lebanon. Despite oppressive practices and the hegemony’s attempts to …

Once Again, the Lebanese Forces MPs Propose Privatization as a Solution to the Lebanese Crisis

A draft law proposing the creation of an independent institution responsible for managing state assets.

The law draft was submitted on 13/2/2023, and has not yet been referred to any parliamentary committee yet.

Count of Public State Property Reclassification Decrees (per district and timeframe)

The state’s “public” property — legally known as “reserved protected land” includes any property meant to be used in the public interest, such as riverbeds, riverbanks, sea shores, waterfalls, lakes, irrigation canals, roads, …

Geographical Distribution of Private State Property (by District)

According to Lebanon’s Real Estate Property Law (Resolution no. 3339 of 1930), there are 5 types of state-owned lands, which fall under two main categories: Public State Property and Private State Property. Private …

The Wazzani River Incident:

An Example of the Arbitrary Actions of the Authority in Dealing with the Public Domain.

Read in Arabic here.

Which Tools for Which Municipalities?

A Workshop Targeting Local Public Affairs' Practitioners

The training workshop aims to enhance understanding of land management practices and strategies for regional development. It targets individuals or groups working in public affairs at the local level or those interested in …

The Reclassification of Public State Property, a Tool to Fulfill the Desires of the Powerful

ينتشر اليوم خطاب واسع ويطغى، مسوّقاً لخصخَصة الأملاك العامة كوسيلةٍ لإنقاذ الدولة من الإفلاس. هذه الأملاك هي جزء أساسي من محفظة أصول لبنان العامة…

Mapping State-Owned Land Against Privatization

In light of the ongoing financial and economic collapse, mainstream public discourse called for the privatization of public assets, to save the state from bankruptcy, through a fund enabling banks to seize state-owned …