Since the outbreak of the Israeli aggression on Palestine and Lebanon on October 7, 2023, the southern Lebanese towns have witnessed high levels of displacement due to fear of Israeli shelling that targeted civilians, journalists, homes, forests, and natural resources. This article attempts to review and analyze data on internal displacement in relation to the temporal and geographic factors. It shows, through a series of maps, charts, and timelines, the number of displaced persons and their distribution across the towns from which they fled and to which they moved. The article also includes testimonies from heads of municipalities in border areas, who express the extent of the confusion they are experiencing in light of the collapse of the Lebanese state on all levels, including the collapse of government institutions responsible for managing crises.

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Housing Natural Resources Reconstruction and Recovery Bint Jbeil District El-Nabatieh District El-Nabatieh Governorate Hasbaya District Lebanon Marjaayoun District Saida District Sour District South Lebanon Governorate