Public Works Studio hosted a seminar titled “Environmental Genocide in Palestine and Southern Lebanon”

Public Works Studio organized a seminar titled “Environmental Genocide in Palestine and Southern Lebanon,” featuring the participation of the Minister of Environment, Nasser Yassin, Professor of Sociology at AUB, Sari Hanafi, and researcher Rayan Alaeddine from Public Works Studio. The seminar discussed Israel’s environmental genocide, linking it to the Zionist project, occupation, and colonial settlement.

Alaeddine presented maps documenting Israeli attacks on southern Lebanon, exposing the deliberate targeting of civilians and ecocide.

Yassin announced that the Lebanese government filed a complaint with the UN Security Council, documenting Israeli attacks through burned areas, soil samples, weapon samples, and Lebanese army reports.

Hanafi highlighted Zionism’s focus on land, discussing how the West fiercely opposes sharing knowledge confirming the occurrence of genocide in Gaza. The speakers emphasized the importance of documentation for accountability, historical preservation, and countering Israel’s narrative.

Read the full Statement in Arabic here.

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