El-Nabatieh Governorate

The Black Cloud over Kfour town:

How Urban Planning Produces an Environmental Disaster.

Twelve years ago, the suffering of the people of Kfour town began. In the town, located within Nabatieh District, factories and plants of all kinds are spread, from quarries, stone mills, asphalt plants, …

Public Works Studio hosted a seminar titled “Environmental Genocide in Palestine and Southern Lebanon”

Public Works Studio organized a seminar titled “Environmental Genocide in Palestine and Southern Lebanon,” featuring the participation of the Minister of Environment, Nasser Yassin, Professor of Sociology at AUB, Sari Hanafi, and researcher …

 “The Preventive Plan for Dealing with Any upcoming War:

When Will the State Recognize that we are in a State of War?"

Since the 7th of October 2023, Lebanon, especially its southern regions, has been relentlessly targeted by Israeli attacks. These assaults have caused widespread devastation, claiming lives, destroying homes, infrastructure, and even harming the …

The Scene from the South:

Abandoned Towns and Bumbling Municipalities

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Map of Israeli Attacks on Lebanon 2023

October 8th 2023 – January 31st 2024 October 8th – December 15th Since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, Lebanon has not been spared from Israeli attacks. This map aims to …

Which Tools for Which Municipalities?

A Workshop Targeting Local Public Affairs' Practitioners

The training workshop aims to enhance understanding of land management practices and strategies for regional development. It targets individuals or groups working in public affairs at the local level or those interested in …

Discussion in Kaferman’s Public Square

Regions Marginalization Under the Rentier Economy

The national vision for economic development in Lebanon has historically been closely tied to the construction and real estate sector. How has this led to the destruction of livelihoods and the impoverishment and …