The Decisions of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities:

Controlling the Refugees’ Lives and Housing Situation

The Lebanese Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, sent a letter to local authorities on May 2, 2023 in order to initiate a national survey campaign aimed at enumerating and registering …

The Residents of “Hind” Building Face Mass Eviction

This Story recounts the struggles of “Hind” building’s residents as they face countless harassments, pressures and threats aimed at forcing them out of the homes they have inhabited for years. “Hind” building is …

The Governor of Beirut Force Evicts and Displaces Residents During His Show Off Inspection Tour

On May 19, 2023, during an inspection tour of several neighbourhoods in the city of Beirut, the governor, Judge Marwan Abboud, issued a sudden and immediate decision, without prior warning, to forcibly evict a residential building located in the Barbir neighbourhood.

The Eviction of Syrian Refugees: 

A Violation of the Right to the City, Housing, Movement and to choosing the Place of Residence

The sight of children swimming in the pool in downtown Beirut has not been unusual in recent weeks, as an organized media campaign to promote racism and hatred against Syrian refugees had considered …

Understanding Housing Transformations Amid Recent Events

This periodic report documents cases received by the “Housing Monitor” from January 2022 to May 2023. It emphasizes the correlation between recent escalating events and the number of monitored cases, totaling 563 reports, …

Defend the Right to Housing, Join the “Housing Monitor” Team

Hotliners' Workshop and Training

The upcoming workshop on Friday, March 17 in Tripoli will have a specific focus on the legal and policy frameworks safeguarding the right to housing. The Right to Housing Committee, which was recently …

Another City Series: Housing Narratives

As we get to know the streets and alleys whose residents have witnessed significant changes in the architectural and social environment, we pose questions about heritage and the housing policies which have led …

Migrant Workers and Refugees Are Facing a Dilemma as the Specter of Eviction Hovers in an Economic Crisis Threatening the Right to Housing

Rent is a primary way to access housing in the Lebanese cities which house diverse social classes. The percentage of tenants in Beirut reaches 49.5% of its total population. According to a survey …

How to Defend Our Right to Housing?

A Workshop and Training to Join the “Housing Monitor” Team

The aim of this workshop is to reframe the concept of the «right to housing» by linking it to the concept of the right to the city, property relations, and access to resources. …

Defending Housing in Light of the Continuous Violation of the Tenancy Law

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March – May 2022

How does Lebanon Violate the Right to Housing?

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Homelessness in the Wake of the Disaster

Housing conditions in the neighborhoods affected by the Aug.4 2020 Beirut blast

The Aug. 4, 2020, Beirut port blast killed 217 people, injured 7,000 others, and displaced some 300,000 people, causing widespread devastation and leaving no less than 1,120 buildings in need for renovation, notably in the neighborhoods closest to the blast site. To date, it is estimated that only 30% of the residents of Beirut’s affected neighborhoods have actually returned to their homes.