The tax system plays a critical role in the social contract between the state and society, with individuals contributing taxes in exchange for the state’s commitment to societal well-being. However, recent global tax policies have shifted, favoring the wealthy and corporations, exacerbating economic inequality. Lebanon’s tax system exhibits a distinct bias toward wealth accumulators, particularly in real estate, prioritizing speculation over productive sectors and hindering economic recovery. Consequently, escalating real estate prices pose challenges for those seeking affordable housing.

This article examines Lebanon’s existing tax system for land and property, proposing a fair property tax system to reduce real estate speculation and contribute to securing housing at more affordable prices. Emphasizing the need to curb speculative practices, the suggested reforms include implementing just property taxes and stringent measures on vacant properties, along with additional taxation strategies. These changes are imperative for the reconstruction of Lebanon’s collapsed economy and the promotion of social and economic equity.

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