How can land and property taxes in Lebanon be fair?

The tax system plays a critical role in the social contract between the state and society, with individuals contributing taxes in exchange for the state’s commitment to societal well-being. However, recent global tax …

Understanding the Right to the City and How Authorities Violate It

This article aims to analyze laws enacted by the Lebanese authorities between 2019 and 2022 in relation to the right to the city, which encompasses the right to housing, work, and other essential …

Residents Facing Land Consolidation and Parcellation Projects:

The Example of El-Tanak Neighborhood in Mina

In this article, our focus revolves around the Land Consolidation and Parcellation projects in the cities of Tripoli and Mina in North Lebanon. We examine their influence on the economic and urban identity …

Local Members of Parliament Are Proposing a Parcellation Draft Law Which Sacrifices Agricultural Lands in Hermel and Younine

Proposing an accelerated law on the consolidation and parcellation of El Hermel and Younine cadastral zones in the Baalbek-El Hermel governorate.

The committee found that the proposed law requires further study and inspection, and thus decided to postpone its decision about it and to request the concerned administrative entities to provide some observations that are related to application of the proposal, in case of its approval.

The Future and Resistance blocs facilitate construction in rural regions without addressing housing needs

Proposing the law of exemption of some building permits from fees according to prototypical designs.

It was referred to the Administration and Justice, Finance and Budget, and Public Works Committees on 10/6/2020.

Think Housing: Affordable Schemes Towards an Inclusive Beirut

Read in Arabic here.

Towards a Fair Tax System to Counter the Commodification of Land

Dialogue Series: The Social Value of Land

The real estate sector in Lebanon has historically been given a significant protection as one of the few productive and successful sectors in the national economy, knowing that property taxes are low and …

Discussion Session in Tripoli’s Public Square:

Commodifying Housing in the Service of the Rentier Economy

After decades of handing over the fate of city dwellers and their right to housing to the real estate market and the housing loan policies, housing has been reduced to a commodity, lacking …

Defending the City Interest Against Private Property

Dialogue Series: The Social Value of Land

The social function of property recognizes the impact of private property on society. It is based on the premise that the interest of the city must prevail over individual property. This concept acknowledges …

Defending Social Spaces for an Equitable City

Dialogue Series: The Social Value of Land

Speakers in this session discuss the reclamation and preservation of social spaces threatened by real-estate speculation. They examine urban planning laws and the experiences of Bayt Beirut, Fouad Boutros, Beirut Theatre, Dalieh, and …

Planning in Lebanon:

Manufacturing Landscapes of Inequality

Urban planning and land use maps are a reflection/embodiment of the country’s larger policy choices and economic conceptions. It is the voice and instrument of authority, as it includes the political-economic vision and …

Urbanism and Law: Master-planning in Lebanon and its Impact on People and Places

Over the past decade, many urban geographers engaged with the relation between law and geography, in an attempt to clarify the connections between these two increasingly complex concepts. In Lebanon, law has often …