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Informal neighborhoods: This is where the just city begins

Part 2: Local and International approaches

In the first part of this article, we presented an overview of the emergence and growth of informal settlements in Lebanon and countries of the Global South, and we addressed the ongoing debates …

Informal neighborhoods: This is where the just city begins

Part 1: Discussions and Origins

Informal settlements in Lebanon, a complex and long-standing phenomenon, are the result of multiple factors. These include influxes of refugees, rural-to-urban migration, the scars of civil war and ongoing conflicts, and the adoption …

Does Lebanon need a rent control policy?

Rent control is a policy frequently criticised and misunderstood by both liberals and conservatives alike. The term “rent control” often sparks concern, particularly among proponents of a capitalist economy rooted in a free …

نحو قانون شامل للحق في السكن

غالباً ما تتردّد إشكالات السكن والإسكان في الخطاب العام اللبنانيّ منذ فترة الاستقلال على الأقل. لكنّها ازدادت حضوراً في العقود القليلة الماضية، بفعل مضاربات السوق التي تعمل في سياق يفتقر تماماً إلى سياسات …

How can land and property taxes in Lebanon be fair?

The tax system plays a critical role in the social contract between the state and society, with individuals contributing taxes in exchange for the state’s commitment to societal well-being. However, recent global tax …

An application to monitor Syrian Refugees:

turning every citizen into a fascist

Taking advantage of the crime of killing a member of the Beirut Guard Regiment in Gemmayzeh, a Beirut MP launched an application to report Syrian refugees in Beirut. MP Ghassan Hasbani – the …

The Plight of Housing in Lebanon

Annual report submitted to the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing

In light of the Lebanese state’s inability to fulfill its minimum obligations, a central dilemma arises related to its ability to formulate an effective national strategy to ensure respect for the right to adequate housing, especially in the absence of data and statistics. In this context, and through this report, Public Works Studio seeks to provide an adequate and comprehensive picture of the prevailing situation and the extent to which Lebanon violates the right to housing. 

Think Housing: Affordable Schemes Towards an Inclusive Beirut

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Lebanon’s International Obligations on the Right to Housing:

between Text and Implementation

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Buildings are empty. People are Still Being Evicted. We Voted for Laws Protecting the Right to Housing.

Apartments are Empty. Loans Stopped. We voted for Laws That Guarantee the Right to Housing.

Workshop Launch on a Law to Guarantee the Right to Housing

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