MP Tony Franjieh Proposes a Land Tax That Prioritizes Private Interests Over the Public

A proposal to amend Articles 13 and 16 of the Urban Planning Law.

It was again placed on the agenda for the 30/6/2021 session

It was included in the agenda of the session of 21/12/2020, but it was not studied due to a lack of quorum, following a lack of consensus around passing the general amnesty law

The revised accelerated law proposal was submitted on 1/12/2020

Member of Parliament Tony Franjieh unilaterally put forward a proposal to impose an improvement tax on lands where the investment factor is raised, to be paid to an independent fund set up by the Council of Ministers. An improvement tax is an element of any real estate policy which, in principle, should go towards projects of public benefit. The paradox of this proposal, however, is that it intends to allocate the proceeds of this tax for the benefit of private interests. The danger of establishing an independent fund is evident, particularly with Lebanon’s bitter experiences with “funds” that formed fertile grounds for exploitation and profiteering. Also, the concept of compensation to property owners in the event that regulations are carried out in the public interest is tantamount to a violation of the principle of urban planning.

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