The Collapse of the Rishani Building in Chouaifat Exposes the Failures of the Owner, Municipality, and the General Directorate for Urban Planning

Just about a week after the complete collapse of a building in Sahra Chouaifat, another tragedy struck on Monday, February 19, 2024. The Rishani building in the Ain neighbourhood of Chouaifat collapsed on its residents, resulting in the death of four individuals, including two children, and injuring six others severely. Six Syrian families who resided in the building and the adjacent one were also displaced. The incident stemmed from a combination of factors: inadequate land classification, lax enforcement of building and safety regulations, and neglect of responsibilities by both property owners and municipal authorities. This collapse exposes deep-rooted issues in Lebanon’s urban planning and construction sectors, demanding urgent, and comprehensive solutions to prevent future tragedies.

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Decree No. 14293 relating to “Requirements for General Safety in Buildings, Facilities and Elevator Equipment, and Fire and Earthquake Prevention”.

It was amended by Decree No. 7964, which is currently in force and issued on April 7, 2012.

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