Sahra Chouaifat Building Collapse:

The threat of buildings constructed between 1990 and 2005

Yesterday, a 5-storey building collapsed in Sahra Choueifat. As a result, about 13 families and a number of shops were displaced, all of which survived by chance. The collapse was also followed by the evacuation of two residential buildings adjacent to the building that fell, based on instructions from the Director General of Civil Defense. The building is located on Hamiya Street, between Beit Za’aiter neighborhood and Chebaa neighborhood. It was built in the mid-nineties by its main owner, the Amhaz family, who died a long time ago. The apartments were sold to different families, such as Hamiyah, Za’aiter and others who lived in them, while a few of them moved to other areas and rented their apartments. What happened requires a technical investigation by official authorities and the Order of Engineers and Architects, to understand the reasons behind the building’s collapse. But what we can be certain about now is that the failure of the building’s foundations is inevitably linked to historical-legal reasons and construction operations in the absence of public safety frameworks. These structural causes are what must be addressed immediately and urgently, to avoid further disasters.

Housing Land Management and Planning Choueifat