The Residents of “Hind” Building Face Mass Eviction

This Story recounts the struggles of “Hind” building’s residents as they face countless harassments, pressures and threats aimed at forcing them out of the homes they have inhabited for years.

“Hind” building is located in a calm neighborhood of Chiyah, an old neglected five-story building that is peacefully inhabited by a group of tenants from different ages, religious and social groups.

Around the beginning of the year, the residents started facing increased pressures from the landlords to evict, believing they can lease the apartments at a higher value. Pressures ranged from sending written eviction notices and asking residents to sign eviction agreements, to evoking armed forces to terrorize the residents and cutting off water access from the building on several occasions.

Despite it all, the residents held their ground and refused to compromise on their legal rights.

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