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Collective evictions: The most prominent pattern in the Housing Monitor Report

Periodic Report | June - December 2023

This report covers cases received by the “Housing Monitor” from June to December 2023, documenting 345 cases, reaching a peak in August (143 cases). The majority of these cases originated from Syrian refugees …

An application to monitor Syrian Refugees:

turning every citizen into a fascist

Taking advantage of the crime of killing a member of the Beirut Guard Regiment in Gemmayzeh, a Beirut MP launched an application to report Syrian refugees in Beirut. MP Ghassan Hasbani – the …

The Residents of “Hind” Building Face Mass Eviction

This Story recounts the struggles of “Hind” building’s residents as they face countless harassments, pressures and threats aimed at forcing them out of the homes they have inhabited for years. “Hind” building is …

Understanding Housing Transformations Amid Recent Events

This periodic report documents cases received by the “Housing Monitor” from January 2022 to May 2023. It emphasizes the correlation between recent escalating events and the number of monitored cases, totaling 563 reports, …

Old Tenants threatened amid Poor Law Enforcement and the Chaos of Exchange Rates

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A Proposed Law Acting as a Final Blow Towards Destroying What Remains of People’s Interests and the Urban Fabric

A draft law proposing the liberalization of non-residential old rent leases

The committees (the Committee of Administration and Justice on 5/7/2022 and the Committee of Finance and Budget on 21/7/2022) have completed studying the proposal for a Rent Law for non-residential units, and it is expected to be included, as amended by the Committee of Administration and Justice, on the agenda of any of the upcoming general legislative commission’s sessions.

Defend the Right to Housing, Join the “Housing Monitor” Team

Hotliners' Workshop and Training

The upcoming workshop on Friday, March 17 in Tripoli will have a specific focus on the legal and policy frameworks safeguarding the right to housing. The Right to Housing Committee, which was recently …

Another City Series: Housing Narratives

As we get to know the streets and alleys whose residents have witnessed significant changes in the architectural and social environment, we pose questions about heritage and the housing policies which have led …

Lease Agreement Issued by the Right to Housing Legal Task Force

Lease AgreementReceipt for Rent PaymentsList of the itemsComplaint Due to the large number of violation reports received by the Housing Monitor, particularly those related to the absence of written leases, we initially encouraged …

How Do We Defend our Rights as Tenants Under the Current Rental Law?

How to Defend Our Right to Housing?

A Workshop and Training to Join the “Housing Monitor” Team

The aim of this workshop is to reframe the concept of the «right to housing» by linking it to the concept of the right to the city, property relations, and access to resources. …

Defending Housing in Light of the Continuous Violation of the Tenancy Law

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