construction permit

المسؤوليات والتراخيص ومساراتها في ملف انهيار المباني

يصدر قريبا.

انهيار المباني ومصائر السكان

يصدر قريبا.

الأسباب الأساسية وراء الانهيار المتزايد للمباني

يصدر قريبا.

Buildings Collapse in Lebanon

It is difficult to be surprised today by the collapse of buildings around the Lebanese territory, being aware of the amount of legal and material factors that have weakened and destabilized their structure, …

Five Factors that Contributed to the Deterioration of the Urban Environment in Lebanon

This text highlights Lebanon’s urgent issue of severe physical degradation in its urban environment, with over 18,000 buildings at risk of collapse, particularly in Beirut and Tripoli. It attributes urban decay to a …

Sahra Chouaifat Building Collapse:

The threat of buildings constructed between 1990 and 2005

Yesterday, a 5-storey building collapsed in Sahra Choueifat. As a result, about 13 families and a number of shops were displaced, all of which survived by chance. The collapse was also followed by …

A Month After the Collapse of the Mansourieh Building

Engineering, a Profession Hijacked by the Market

In this article, we investigate the case of the collapsed building in the Yazbek-Hamoush residential complex in Mansourieh (16 October 2023), in an effort to raise necessary questions about the causes of the …

Ground to Dust: Systems of Extraction and the Search for Spatial Justice

This exhibition at Beirut Art Center is Public Works Studio’s first institutional presentation. Rather than approach the format of the exhibition with any kind of finality, PW has created a site as unstable …

The “Murr Floor” Project Returns: The Government Provides no Solution to the Housing Crisis and Increases Speculation on Land Prices

A proposal to amend Article 66 of Law No. 144 (Budget Law).

It has been included in the agenda of the Parliament on 07/12/2021.

MP Anis Nassar submits another exemption proposal for the displaced: a solution towards return or an escape from the solution? 

Proposing a law for the exemption of the displaced from construction fees.

It was referred to the Finance and Budget, Administration and Justice, and the Affairs of the Displaced committees, but it has not been studied yet.

Baalbek: Construction as a Material for Partisan Clientelism

After an introduction to the urban social context of the city, we will focus in this text on construction permits. The latters are read as a tool used to violate social norms in …

The Architect, the Law, the Sponsor and the Maid’s Room

This installation aims to deconstruct the process of (re)producing «The Maid’s Room» using a combination of archival documents, audio clips, and a sectional model. Through this work, we hope to encourage the public …