Right to Housing: The Landscape From Ras Beirut

A Research Workshop Within the Series «Mapping Beirut Through Its Tenants’ Stories»

07 to 21 October 2017

The workshop consists of five sessions that involve discussions and field research, which are held in collaboration with The AUB Neighborhood Initiative. It targets youth interested in urban issues, research, mapping, and Beiruti neighborhoods’ history and narratives. The workshop is centered around housing issues in Beirut, specifically highlighting the challenges and threats of eviction faced by elderly tenants in their efforts to secure housing in the city. Through field research and discussions, participants in the workshop seek to deepen their understanding of Ras Beirut neighborhood, including its history, formation, land ownership, and real estate projects planned for the area, as seen through the stories of its elderly residents. This workshop stands out for its approach of analyzing the materials gathered by fieldwork groups and integrating the data into open-source maps that will contribute to the development of the “Beirut Evictions Monitor” project.

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