Informal neighborhoods: This is where the just city begins

Part 2: Local and International approaches

In the first part of this article, we presented an overview of the emergence and growth of informal settlements in Lebanon and countries of the Global South, and we addressed the ongoing debates surrounding them. In this section, we examine the Lebanese state’s approaches to these settlements since independence to the present day. We also briefly present some of the approaches adopted in Global South countries and inspiring international models for dealing with them. We conclude with some recommendations that serve to formulate a comprehensive national policy for intervention in informal settlements.

Housing Land Management and Planning Lebanon

Legitimate Housing or the Right to Dwell?:

Pubilc Housing and their Informal Transformations in Saida and Tripoli

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Informal neighborhoods: This is where the just city begins

Part 1: Discussions and Origins

Informal settlements in Lebanon, a complex and long-standing phenomenon, are the result of multiple factors. These include influxes of refugees, rural-to-urban migration, the scars of civil war and ongoing conflicts, and the adoption …

Climate Change and Housing:

Marginalized Neighborhoods Are The Most Affected

The adverse impacts of climate change have significantly increased the vulnerability of urban poverty, particularly among those residing in informal areas. This susceptibility is worsened by their restricted access to adequate housing, essential …

Mass Eviction in Bir Hassan:

the State Continues to Disregard the Rights of Residents in Informal Neighborhoods

In Bir Hassan, a building where many have found refuge during the Lebanese war now faces eviction after years of neglect. Originally housing war-displaced residents, the building’s new owners aim to evict the …

نحو قانون شامل للحق في السكن

غالباً ما تتردّد إشكالات السكن والإسكان في الخطاب العام اللبنانيّ منذ فترة الاستقلال على الأقل. لكنّها ازدادت حضوراً في العقود القليلة الماضية، بفعل مضاربات السوق التي تعمل في سياق يفتقر تماماً إلى سياسات …