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The Lebanese Forces’ Draft Law Targeting Refugees and Migrants:

Banning Rental as a New Tool in the Incitement Campaign

The draft was submitted on 23/05/2024

Amidst the escalating campaign by the state against Syrian refugees, Deputy Melhem Riachi proposed on May 23, 2024, a draft law to prohibit landlords from renting to any non-Lebanese citizen who illegally entered Lebanon without proper documentation, under threat of severe penalties. This draft law reflects an on-going and escalating approach of discrimination against Syrian refugees and violation of their rights. It builds upon previously issued circulars, aiming to strengthen their enforcement on one hand and expand the ongoing mass eviction and deportation campaigns to all Lebanese territories on the other. Its dangers also lie in the potential implications on the housing conditions of  refugees from other nationalities, migrants, and foreign workers, potentially leading to widespread mass evictions, displacement, and deportations. Additionally, this proposal violates both international human rights law and Lebanese laws.

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