The right to housing in the National Social Protection Strategy for Lebanon

On February 13, 2024, Lebanon’s Cabinet approved the first national social protection strategy, aiming to replace the fragmented, privilege-based system with one based on rights and comprehensive reform. Prime Minister Najib Mikati launched the strategy with various officials and international representatives present. Initiated in 2019 and supported by the EU and the Dutch government, with technical help from the ILO and UNICEF, the strategy aligns with Lebanon’s 3RF commitments. The strategy focuses on five pillars: social assistance, social security, social care, employment for the vulnerable, and financial support for education and health services. It emphasizes affordable housing through linking social assistance to housing access and proposes short-term rental aid and social housing projects, and a medium-term comprehensive housing policy. The strategy calls for updating registration processes, digitizing ownership documents, and creating a housing sector database. However, it excludes non-citizens, hindering comprehensive social protection. Given Lebanon’s history of not implementing plans and the lack of political will, a monitoring mechanism is necessary to track the reform’s progress.

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