Our Position on COP28

No to the continuation of the Global North’s control over our resources
No to the Genocide of Palestinians

This statement marks the launch of the Network for Spatial and Environmental Justice (NSEJ), a newly formed network of individuals and organizations committed to exploring the intersection of urbanization, the environment, and climate justice.

The statement asserts that achieving climate justice is inextricably linked to ensuring social and spatial justice. It argues that the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine constitutes a blatant form of climate injustice and further highlights the occupation’s specific contributions to this injustice, including:

  • Urban destruction and “Urbicide”: The systematic destruction of Palestinian infrastructure, including homes, hospitals, schools, and essential services, displacing communities and erasing historical and cultural heritage.
  • Environmental destruction and “Ecocide”: The unsustainable exploitation and depletion of Palestinian natural resources, including water, land, and forests, leading to environmental degradation and undermining the ability of future generations to thrive.
  • Intergenerational displacement: The forced displacement of Palestinians from their homes and land, disrupting their livelihoods and cultural practices and inflicting lasting harm on future generations.

The statement calls upon the international community, particularly the Global North, the dominant force at climate summits, to acknowledge their responsibility and take decisive action to address the climate justice implications of the Israeli occupation.

Read the full Statement in Arabic here.

Natural Resources Reconstruction and Recovery Palestine