Violation of the Right to Housing in Lebanon: Tripoli as a Case Study

Periodic Report | June - August 2022

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The Decisions of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities:

Controlling the Refugees’ Lives and Housing Situation

The Lebanese Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, sent a letter to local authorities on May 2, 2023 in order to initiate a national survey campaign aimed at enumerating and registering …

No to Imposing Fees or Restrictions on Access to Horsh Beirut

In 2019, the Lebanese parliament passed a law submitted by deputy Fouad Makhzoumi establishing “The Protection of Horsh Beirut”. What is this law and what are its reprecussions? This law brings us back …

Understanding Housing Transformations Amid Recent Events

This periodic report documents cases received by the “Housing Monitor” from January 2022 to May 2023. It emphasizes the correlation between recent escalating events and the number of monitored cases, totaling 563 reports, …

How Do I Secure my Rights as a Tenant When My Dwelling Is Rehabilitated by a Renovating Company or Association?

Once Again, the Lebanese Forces MPs Propose Privatization as a Solution to the Lebanese Crisis

A draft law proposing the creation of an independent institution responsible for managing state assets.

The law draft was submitted on 13/2/2023, and has not yet been referred to any parliamentary committee yet.

A Proposed Law Acting as a Final Blow Towards Destroying What Remains of People’s Interests and the Urban Fabric

A draft law proposing the liberalization of non-residential old rent leases

The committees (the Committee of Administration and Justice on 5/7/2022 and the Committee of Finance and Budget on 21/7/2022) have completed studying the proposal for a Rent Law for non-residential units, and it is expected to be included, as amended by the Committee of Administration and Justice, on the agenda of any of the upcoming general legislative commission’s sessions.

Distribution of Private State Property in Tripoli City, Mina and Beddaoui

The Lebanese State owns 481 properties in the city of Tripoli, the majority of which are located in the “Trablous jardins” and “Ez-Zeitoun” cadastral areas. In the adjacent city of Mina, the number …

Distribution of Private State Property in Saida City and its Surroundings

A significant number of state-owned lands designated for housing (154 properties) are located in the district of Saida. 124 of these properties are registered under the name of the National Authority for Reconstruction, …

Distribution of Private State Property in Tyre City, Borj Ech-Chemali and Aabbassiye

Amiri public lands constitute 62 per cent of Tyre’s area, while state-owned lands of all types amount to 70–75 per cent of the city. The current uses of these lands are diverse, but …

Count of Public State Property Reclassification Decrees (per district and timeframe)

The state’s “public” property — legally known as “reserved protected land” includes any property meant to be used in the public interest, such as riverbeds, riverbanks, sea shores, waterfalls, lakes, irrigation canals, roads, …

Distribution of State Property Designated for Public Housing (by District and Public Institution)

A significant number of state-owned lands in Lebanon are registered in the land registry under the names of several ministries, departments, or directorates concerned with housing. As per the 2015’s data retrieved from …