Jbeil District

Master Plans (2)

Kesrwane District

Master Plans (2)

Region planned by a decree

Region semi-planned by a decree

Unplanned region for which a decision
was issued by the Higher Council
for Urban Planning

Unplanned region

Unplanned regions
make up 80% of Kesrwane - Jbeil


Planned Regions


Semi-Planned Regions


Unplanned Regions

Kesrwane-Jbeil Governorate

This governorate has the lowest number of state-owned properties after Beirut Governorate (2229 plots), with 19.8% of its area planned or partially planned. The NPMPLT indicates that organizing its urban structure to accommodate the future demographic and urban growth of the whole Central Urban Area (Beirut and Mount Lebanon), remains one of the main challenges.

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