From Dalieh in 1995 Until Today: A New Extension of the Hotel Exemption Law

Proposing a law aiming at “Extending the application of Law No. 264 (extending the work of the law related to exempting hotels from some provisions of the Building Law).”

The law proposal was submitted on 20/3/2023, and has not yet been referred to parliamentary committees.

The Council of Exceptions: A report on the decisions of the “Higher Council for Urban Planning” (2019-2021)

The General Directorate for Urban Planning and its higher Council are Lebanon’s official and primary bodies for urban planning. They support urban development and favor the interests of real estate developers and the …

On the Agenda of the Higher Council of Urban Planning

Subdividing Forestry Land in Ihmij for the Benefit of Investors.

Read details in Arabic here.

إعفاءً جزئياً من فواتير الكهرباء للمتضررين من معمل الذوق

MP Farid El-Khazen Proposes a Partial Exemption from Electricity Bills for Those Affected by the Zouk Power Plant

Proposing an accelerated law that aims at exempting the residents of Jounieh city and the towns of Zouk Mosbeh, Zouk Mikael, Ain El Rehana, Aintura and Jeita from a percentage of the electricity consumption bill.

It was included in the agenda of the parliamentary sessions 30/09/2020 and 21/12/2020 and has not been studied yet.

The Future and Resistance blocs facilitate construction in rural regions without addressing housing needs

Proposing the law of exemption of some building permits from fees according to prototypical designs.

It was referred to the Administration and Justice, Finance and Budget, and Public Works Committees on 10/6/2020.

Defending Social Spaces for an Equitable City

Dialogue Series: The Social Value of Land

Speakers in this session discuss the reclamation and preservation of social spaces threatened by real-estate speculation. They examine urban planning laws and the experiences of Bayt Beirut, Fouad Boutros, Beirut Theatre, Dalieh, and …

Beyond Cement:

Towards an Alternative Vision for Chekka and Surrounding Towns

The towns of Chekka and Koura in North Lebanon have become prime examples of what public policies in Lebanon generate. The “Green Koura” in residents’ memories sat atop an abundance of groundwater and …

Beyond Cement

Towards an Alternative Vision for Chekka and Surrounding Towns

Download the book in Arabic Research and production: Monica Basbous, Nadine Bekdache, Tala Alaeddine, Abir SaksoukDesign: Imad KaafaraniEditing: Hashem HashemReport localisation: Sassine Kouzli Due to the presence of cement factories and quarries on …

Planning in Lebanon:

Manufacturing Landscapes of Inequality

Urban planning and land use maps are a reflection/embodiment of the country’s larger policy choices and economic conceptions. It is the voice and instrument of authority, as it includes the political-economic vision and …

Urbanism and Law: Master-planning in Lebanon and its Impact on People and Places

Over the past decade, many urban geographers engaged with the relation between law and geography, in an attempt to clarify the connections between these two increasingly complex concepts. In Lebanon, law has often …

Cultural Value, Agricultural Practices, and Housing Modes in Saida’s Wastani

As part of a larger study conducted for the Municipality of Saida for the urban development of the Wastani area through the “damm wo farz” project, Public Works was commissioned to study the …

Towards a Participatory Practice in Organizing the Lebanese Territories: The Zahrani Coast as a Model

In Lebanon, the national vision for economic development has always been closely tied to the construction sector. However, the emphasis on land as a source of profit has resulted in the destruction of …