Public Works Studios launched the Land Policy Observatory:

Four Years of Accumulated Inequality

Tuesday 30 May 2023, 4:00pm – Beit Beirut (undergound hall)

Public Works Studio invites you to the launch of the “Land Policy Observatory,” an online platform producing and making available knowledge about land issues in Lebanon. The observatory aims to promote just development and equality within the framework of policy making.

Over the course of four years, since the onset of the economic collapse, Public Works Studio has closely monitored urban planning institutions (with a particular focus on the General Directorate of Urban Planning). It has also examined decisions, laws, decrees, and plans related to public properties, the environment, housing, and all matters pertaining to construction and urban development.

In this launch, we will present the methodologies and tools developed by the Land Policy Observatory, which are designed to monitor, document, and make information accessible to the public, and to support residents, researchers, civil society organizations, and concerned groups involved in land management and regulation.

We will also present periodic reports that assess – from a spatial justice perspective – the decisions of the General Directorate of Urban Planning and the proposals of the parliamentary council. Moreover, we will discuss strategies for addressing the destructive aspects of these decisions.

Land Management and Planning Lebanon