Maya Saba Ayon

Legal Researcher and Casework Manager

Maya is a law graduate from the Filière Francophone de Droit. She is a legal researcher with a focus on Housing laws, the local housing legal framework and its compliance with international human rights standards. A Casework Manager, Maya is the link between the Housing Monitor and The Right to Housing Legal Task Force, where she is tasked with legal referrals, following up on legal interventions and documenting their results.

Legitimate Housing or the Right to Dwell?:

Pubilc Housing and their Informal Transformations in Saida and Tripoli

Read the Arabic article here.

How Do We Defend our Rights as Tenants Under the Current Rental Law?

Rayyan and Eviction Harassment

Rayyan had been living for 4 years in a small apartment in a neighborhood in Bourj Hammoud, along with her husband and 8 children, the oldest of whom is 18 years old and …

Defending Housing Rights in the Midst of Rent Dollarization

The Housing Monitor publishes its 3rd legal report, detailing legal interventions conducted by the Right to Housing Legal Task Force between December 2021 and January 2022.  This report – published in Arabic –  documents the …

Resolving Rental Disputes: Legal tools adopted by the Housing Monitor to mitigate landlord-tenant conflicts

Based on Housing Monitor Report of July-August 2021 During July and August, the Housing Monitor followed up on 40 cases of housing vulnerabilities, affecting a total of 188 individuals. This report aims to …

Forming Social Support Networks:

Alternative Approaches to Resolving Housing Disputes

Based on the Housing Monitor report for the months of September, October and November 2021 During September, October and November, the Housing Monitor tracked 46 cases of housing precarity, affecting a total of …

Ground to Dust: Systems of Extraction and the Search for Spatial Justice

This exhibition at Beirut Art Center is Public Works Studio’s first institutional presentation. Rather than approach the format of the exhibition with any kind of finality, PW has created a site as unstable …

About the Absence of State Housing Policies

Disconnected Laws and Temporary Procedures

In light of the severe housing crisis in Lebanon, in this article we are interested in monitoring the state’s measures in the housing sector and their compatibility with the requirements of society in …

How did Official Authorities Tackle the Housing Crisis Caused by the Beirut Port Explosion?

Hours after the port explosion devastated Beirut, the governor, Judge Marwan Abboud, appeared tearfully on television, declaring that about 300,000 people had become homeless in the Lebanese capital. With this news, individuals, organizations, …