right of usufruct

Distribution of Private State Property in Tyre City, Borj Ech-Chemali and Aabbassiye

Amiri public lands constitute 62 per cent of Tyre’s area, while state-owned lands of all types amount to 70–75 per cent of the city. The current uses of these lands are diverse, but …

“Dialogue – City – People”

A Bi-monthly Series of Seminars Organized by Public Works Studio and the French Institute of the Near East

The bi-monthly public seminars, held in collaboration with «Mansion», provide a platform to connect research, applied projects, practical activities, and collective political engagement to address current issues and their intersections. We believe that …

Where are the State’s Lands?

In this article, we delve into the texts of laws, decrees, and records from the Ministry of Finance. Our aim is to shed light on the nature of public property, its geographical distribution, and its social significance.

Ground to Dust: Systems of Extraction and the Search for Spatial Justice

This exhibition at Beirut Art Center is Public Works Studio’s first institutional presentation. Rather than approach the format of the exhibition with any kind of finality, PW has created a site as unstable …

Lebanon’s Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary Bloc Proposes Law to Abolish Amiri Lands System

Proposing a law to merge Amiri lands with Mulk lands.

It was referred to the Finance and Budget, and Public Administration Committees on 15/07/2020 and has not been studied to date.