Coming soon: Genocide and Media: Killing Journalism and Distorting the Narrative

  • A set of terms which definitions were developed by the Public Works Studio, based on a number of sources, and published on social media in conjunction with what is happening in Gaza. Considering that what is happening there is not a conflict, not a struggle, and not a crisis. Therefore, we must use the correct terms.
  • A timeline of killed  journalists in Gaza and southern Lebanon: It shows that the Israeli occupation targets journalists repeatedly in order to prevent them from fulfilling their role as witnesses to the crimes and violations it commits against Palestinians, as well as to control the narrative of events, to distort it, and to frame it in a way that serves its interests.
  • A translation into Arabic of the Email sent by BBC correspondent Rami Ruhayem to the BBC team, in which he criticizes the coverage that this media outlet provides of what is happening in Gaza and the West Bank, and how this coverage is reflected among its audience.
    Read the email in English here.